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1. Two-wheeler Insurance

This is your bike’s guardian angel. It’s similar to Car insurance.

You cannot ride a bike or scooter in India without insurance.

How it works:

As with car insurance, what the insurer will pay depends on the type of insurance and what it covers.

2.Car Insurance

Motor Insurance Car Insurance Comparison

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Motor insurance - refers to policies that provide financial assistance in the event of an accident related to your car or bicycle.

Auto insurance can be used for three categories of motor vehicles, including

Car insurance - Individually owned four-wheeled vehicles are covered by this policy.

Two-Wheeler Insurance - Individually owned two-wheeled vehicles, including bicycles and scooters, are covered by these schemes.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance - If you own a vehicle used for commercial purposes, you must use insurance for that vehicle. These policies ensure that your company's cars stay at best, significantly reducing losses.

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